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It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to…

Well, it’s not my actual birthday, but instead the 1st birthday of this blog! Well, it was actually last Friday, so you’ll have to excuse my tardiness to my own party.

I actually feel like I’ve been blogging for longer than just 1 year, in a good way. It’s hard to imagine how I engaged in any self-reflection or tracked what I was learning and discovering in my career before I had a blog, or read blogs; blogging is so diverse (and time-consuming) that it has ended up being a major part of my job/life.  I guess the self-reflection and learning and discovery activities happened before somehow, but being able to share them and contextualise them in the form of a a blog makes the learning and opinon-forming process a lot more tangible.

Having ideas for my blog is not difficult, I think of them all the time. What’s harder is to express them in a coherent and meaningful way so that others might be able to relate to or comment on them. I really have to discipline myself to do this. But this is another part of the learning process, and what’s great about blogging is that you can learn from other bloggers.

I’m particularly struck by the fact that my original reasons for starting a blog have held true. Rather than being self-indulgent diary writing, blogging should be a way to offer something positive, your own viewpoint on a particular topic that is important to you. This is particularly relevant in terms of your career, especially when you are freelance like me and don’t have in-house colleagues to bounce ideas off.  This was my raison d’être in my first ever post:

With this in mind, and self-consciously trying to avoid being guilty of any ‘narcissistic shrieks’, I hope to be able to use for the following purposes:

a) express and invite opinion about developments in translation and linguistics
b) recommend authoritative links on other translation bloggers‘ sites, particularly with translation students in mind.

c) learn from others’ blogs
d) raise of the profile of translating and interpreting as a career
e) most importantly: publicize my profile as a freelance translator and seek opportunities

I recently read this article on Freelance Switch about blogging that reminded me why it’s all worth it, and this one and this one on Young Go Getter.

I’ve made some good progress within these quite general objectives. In particular, I’m flattered to report that my blog was recently listed in the Top 100 Language Blogs. Here’s to a good first year, and to the next year!

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  1. Judy Jenner

    September 05, 2008

    Congratulations on your blog’s first anniversary. I really enjoyed it and just added it to my RSS feed.

    Today is my blog’s ( birthday! One of my main goals is also your item d) on your list — I really want to be part of the effort to recognize translation for the professional service that it is, which is sometimes forgotten here in the Western U.S., especially in Las Vegas, where I live and work (I hear a lot of “Our intern speaks Spanish, she can translate this oncology treatment plan, no problem.”) Kudos to you and your blog, and here’s to raising the profile!

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September 05, 2008

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