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Staying positive and proactive during a recession

Much as I have tried to resist the constant vocabulary of disaster and fear used in the news at the moment, it seems that a recession is fast approaching, if not already upon us. It is hard for most people to stay positive and confident about parting with their fast dwindling cash reserves in the current climate, but when you are running a business of any kind the panic can start to set in. And that includes freelancers, whether they’re freelance translators or freelance plumbers.

I recently read this article by Michael Melcher on The New York Times Shifting Careers blog and it reminded me that even in this climate there are still opportunities out there if you remain proactive. Now is not the time to waste too much energy on introspection. The same marketing guidelines apply, but we now need to reserve more energy than ever for seeking out or creating opportunities. Provided you still have a roof over your head and some food on the table, remember how lucky you still are and don’t allow yourself be beaten down by all the bad news…Alternatively, you may want to consider going into hibernation until it’s all over!

*Update 09/12/2008: another good list of tips for weathering an economic downturn is on FreelanceSwitch today.*

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  1. Andrew Howard

    December 02, 2008

    Very useful post.

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December 02, 2008

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