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As we say goodbye to one year and wait with anticipation to welcome the next, the media usually adopts a more philosophical attitude, trying to make sense of the past 12 months, in a ‘what just happened?’ sort of way. It seems to me that people like that at this time of year, almost as if we have this need for a period of reflection and renewal so that we can move on. This is a bit like what we do with blogs. We try to look back and things that have happened, record them and share them with others so that we can learn from them and try to build on this for the future.

This week, true to form, this is exactly what blogs, podcasts and newspapers have all been doing. I thought it would be nice to share with you my ten 10 list of what I’ve been reading and listening to, and learning from, in my own little office this week:

1. 2008 in photographs (these are seriously impressive)
2. An interview with Chris Durban at Speaking of Translation on how to realise your earning potential as a translator
3. On the same site, interviews with several people about how the current economic situation is affecting translators’ workloads (it’s not all bad, far from it)
4. How to say Merry Christmas around the world on Lexiophiles
5. The 5 stages of Twitter acceptance
6. Concepts of social identity in translators and speakers of multiple languages
7. Words of the Year 2008
8. One linguist’s ‘syntactic pain’ over Strictly Come Dancing (for what it’s worth, the name of that program makes me want to emit a big ‘ugh’ too)
9. Health and fitness advice for Grumpy Home Workers
10. Looking back at whether I’ve played my cards right in my first year of freelancing with 9 Tips for Brand New Freelancers

I’ve found plenty of food for thought here; reasons to be pleased with my progress and things to improve on (especially, ahem, fitness) in the next 12 months, my place in my own industry of choice,  and not to mention the wider global situation in general. All that remains now is to wish the blogosphere a merry, restful and reflective festive period.

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  1. Corinne McKay

    December 19, 2008

    Hi Philippa, thanks for the links to our podcast, it was a lot of fun to put together! Have a great holiday season.

  2. […] efforts to identify and engage with them. In my case, this was not only beneficial as as part of a reflective activity,  as a way of making me assess my own progress by thinking back to the past, but also because as a […]

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December 19, 2008

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